Manual Horizontal Scissor Style, Dual Mitering Band Saw

The MH-300DM comes equipped with a manual vise and adjustable hydraulic down feed. It is an ideal band saw for the small to medium machine shop, maintenance shop, metal fabricating shop, school, and for limited run production work. It is a great machine for cutting square, round, and rectangular solids, as well as tubing material. Its solid construction ensures many years of reliability and accuracy at a high level of performance.


  • Manual Horizontal Scissor Style, Dual Mitering Band Saw
  • Hydraulic cylinder plus precision ground hinge support
  • Swivel saw head allows miter cutting in both directions
  • Adjustable flood coolant system
  • Direct drive gearbox
  • Carbide blade guides and bearings provide additional blade support
  • Rigid cast-iron guide arms
  • Blade tensioning system with pressure gauge
  • Blade cleaning chip brush
  • Heavy duty quick clamp/release vise
  • Adjustable down-feed control
  • AutoCut mode with adjustable feed rate
  • Quick Approach mode