Simex RS planers are designed to create rumble strips (lines milled into the pavement to produce noise and vibration as a safety measure).

Skid Steer
Can mill strips in different sizes and/or modify the distance between the strips according to client requirements or local regulations.
Size and spacing are constant and independent from the advancement speed. The oscillating motion is transmitted to the milling unit only; frame is fixed with respect to the prime mover. No vibrations (no wear) are transmitted to the loader boom or the operator. 

Convertible (Simex patent) into:
• standard planer with Simex self-leveling system 
• surface planer for removal of road markings or surface finishing.

Milling drums in different sizes are available on request.


  • Ideal For Creation Of Rumble Strips
  • Working Precision
  • No Vibrations
  • Easily Convert Into Continuous Planers 


Rumble strip width (1) 300-350-400mm 12-14-16 inch
Rumble strip depth (1) 0-25 mm 0-1 inch
Required oil flow 75-140 l/min 20-37 gpm
(1)Standard dimensions – custom dimensions on request.

Simex does not accept responsibility or liability for the information provided. Technical modifications may vary without prior notice.
These are the standard features, for custom solutions contact us.