Powered Stair Climber for when objects are required to be moved up or down flights of stairs, the powered stair climber is the perfect asset.

With the large ergonomic handle and tall upright aluminum alloy structure, a single user can transport goods with ease. A wide platform base gives the user the opportunity to transfer a variety of items whether they are heavy, light, large or small. When transferring goods down a set if stairs, the brake is automatically applied to ensure safety and consistent speed of movement. The powered design of this stair climbing dolly increases user safety and minimizes the labor associated with moving awkward items. When not in use, this electric stair climbing dolly folds into a very compact design that is perfect for transporting in vehicles or storing away in closets. Large polyurethane wheel make traversing over a variety of surfaces as simple as can be.

  • Two speed raise and lowering
  • Large capacity for transporting heavy loads
  • High rate climbing ability
  • Built in battery charge indicator
All measurements are approximate. Slight variations, tolerances or changes may occur at any time. Weights shown are approximate shipping weights.
Powered Stair Climber
Model Image PDF's Capacity
Dims (LxWxH)
Wheels Climbing Speed
(steps per min.)
PDSC-350-62 - 350 22"x21"x61" (2) 10x3 Solid Poly on Steel 24 to 39 105

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