5" Scraper Ideal for Repair Jobs and Renovations! Remove Ceramic Tile, Wallpaper, Vinyl and Carpet!

The RUBI's PRO Heavy-duty scraper 5" is ideal for repair jobs (substitution of broken tiles, p.e.) and renovations. Helps to remove ceramic tiles, wallpaper, vinyl tiles, carpets, paint coats, etc...

Its 18" cast aluminium body and its 1 kg weight, provides to the professional a light and resistant tool, with a high reliavility.

The PRO Heavy-duty scraper has an angle head to improve its use on different surfaces and jobs.

The ergonomic design of the RUBI's PRO Heavy-duty scraper and its soft-grip handle, offers to the user a better comfort and greater stability.

Its 5" steel blade is replaceable with the spare part reference 66954 (5 units pack).