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Rotate and Tilt Hand Cup Frame - Horizontal Configuration

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Rotate and Tilt Hand Cup Frame - Horizontal Configuration | Custom Built Vacuum Lifters

This vacuum lifter provides an inexpensive way to put Powr-Grip's® hand-held vacuum cups to work on a crane, hoist or forklift.

Pads - N5450 "NOT INCLUDED" with Lifting Frame

Number / Size of Vacuum Cups:
6 / 9" [23 cm] diameter cups

Standard Pad Spread*:
46" x 57" [1169 x 1448 mm] (to outside edges of vacuum cups)

Number / Size of Vacuum Cups*:
6 / 9" [23 cm] diameter cups

Load Capacity*:
700 lbs [320 kg]

Weight of Lifter*:
75 lbs [34 kg]

Load Movement:
Manual rotation, 180° edgewise with locking in three positions
Manual tilt, 90° between upright and flat, with automatic latching in upright position
(Lifters can be tilted ONLY when lift bar is locked in center position, as shown above.)

Standard Features:
Vacuum lifters are available in horizontal configuration (HFH) for tilting horizontally oriented loads or in vertical configuration (HFV) for tilting vertically oriented loads.
Bolt-on vacuum cup mounts


Load Capacity 700 lbs [320 kg]

Manual Power Standard
Weight (Manual) 75 lbs
Manipulation Continuous
Tilt 90°
Rotation 90°Left - 90°Right
Rotation Power Manual
Max Pad Spread (L) 57"
Min Pad Spread (L) 57"
Max Pad Spread (W) 46"
Min Pad Spread (W) 46"
Max Height 55"
Min Ambient Temp 32° F
Min Load Temp 32° F
Max Ambient Temp 100° F
Max Load Temp 100° F


warning.jpegWARNING Cancer and/or Reproductive Harm -