RTC 3D Tile and Stone Leveling Sysem - Flat & Wedged Backers

Adding the third dimension of depth to a stone or tile installation leverages the dramatic appeal of texture, shadows, shapes, reflection and light to facilitate flow, create energy and bring a sense of drama to almost any space.

That's the future made possible with 3D Stone & Tile's 'Breakthru Backers'. By simply adding these lightweight backers to virtually any tile or stone material, creativity becomes limitless!

Just adhere the backers to your material using your favorite thin-set mortar, and begin cutting your own custom shapes and sizes to create a look only your mind can dream up!

These innovative backers are available in both flat and wedged designs.

Flat Backers:

  • 1/8" Thick (12"x24")
  • 3/16" Thick (12"x24")
  • 5/16" Thick (12"x24")

Wedged Backers:

  • 5/16"-0" Taper (12"x24")