Versatile Wedge style spacers. Perfect for stacked or irregular stone, or for the first row of tiles of a backsplash, tub, or shower surrounds

RTC Tile Wedges are a great tool for leveling the first row of tile on a tub or straightening rows as they stack up as a wall. They're also very useful for maintaining that gap when applying a silicone joint around baths and shower trays as well as wall-to-floor joints.

RTC Tile Wedge Spacers will save hours in time and money when tiling in situations when the bottom row of tile meets an uneven surface such as an non-level concrete floor. Some tile installers may shove cardboard in these areas as a trick of the trade, but what they don't realize is that cardboard takes time to rip into pieces, don't hold tile up well enough, and has an inconsistent thickness, especially when stacking up multiple layers. Why possibly ruin a tiling project with cardboard when you can be using these perfect and inexpensive tile wedges instead?


Ideal for leveling the 1st row of tile on a tub and kitchen back-splashes


Wedge length = 40mm (1-1/8")
Wedge height = 8mm (3/8")
Wedge width = 9mm (3/8")
Jar size = 150 wedges