Wide U-Shaped Brick & Block Segmented Blades - Premium Wet or Dry Cutting

The SB Series Laser Welded Segment Blades are best suited to cut brick & block and other aggregates with similar properties. The large U-shaped, angle slots are designed to quickly expel dust and to increase air flow for more efficient cooling during dry cutting operations (although wet cutting is possible as well).

Hard Brick, Stone, Masonry, Cinder Block

These blades contain higher quality diamonds at higher concentrations to allow faster and smoother cuts.

Diameter Width Rim
Arbor Item
10" 0.095" 8.5mm 5/8"~7/8" SB1080R
12" 0.125" 8.5mm 1"~20mm SB1211R
14" 0.125" 8.5mm 1"~20mm SB1411R