Designed to fit belt sizes up to 60 mm wide and 5.5 mm thick.

With its one-handed hooking and unhooking feature, you can prevent inadvertent dropping or mislaying when using the tape measure. The holder also includes a retract button that allows you to stop the tape when needed and retract it with ease. For a stronger lock on the tape, simply press the Strong Lock button, which prevents the tape from sliding out. Additionally, the tape features an Auto Stop function when pulled out, ensuring accuracy and convenience during use.

  • Dual sided blade
  • Allows one-handed hooking and unhooking
Item Code UPC
SSSF-16BW 1 in ( 25 mm ) 16ft 8.2 ft / 2.5 m 12.5 ft / 3.8 m 0-49296-12227-0
SSSF-25BW 1 in ( 25 mm ) 25 ft 8.2 ft / 2.5 m 12.5 ft / 3.8 m 0-49296-12230-0