Stainless Steel and Stainless Steel Frame & Forks - Ideal for sanitary, pharmaceutical, medical, food, corrosive, and wet environments.

Ships with the Handle Detached Standard

Choose type 304 stainless steel frame and forks only (chrome handle) or 100% type 304 stainless steel pallet truck for long life in the harshest environments. 5,500 pounds uniform capacity. Individual fork width is 6-1/2".

Galvanized and Zinc Coated - Ideal for corrosive environments. Full-featured pallet trucks were designed for chemical, pharmaceutical, and wash-down applications. 5,500 pounds uniform capacity.

All measurements are approximate. Slight variations, tolerances or changes may occur at any time. Weights shown are approximate shipping weights.
Specialized Steel Pallet Trucks
Model Number Image PDF Description Capacity
Fork Dim. Service
Wt. (lbs)
PM5-2048-SS icon_approvaldrawings.jpg Compliance Certificate 304 Stainless Steel 5,500 21-1/2"Wx45"L 2-7/8"-7-3/4" 232
PM5-2748-SS icon_approvaldrawings.jpgCompliance Certificate 304 Stainless Steel 5,500 27"Wx48"L 2-7/8"-7-3/4" 225
PM5-2748-SFF icon_approvaldrawings.jpgCompliance Certificate 304 Stainless Frame & Forks 5,500 27"Wx48"L 2-7/8"-7-3/4" 194
PM5-2748-S-Z icon_approvaldrawings.jpgCompliance Certificate Zinc Coated 5,500 27"Wx48"L 2-7/8"-7-3/4" 211
PM5-2048-S-G Compliance Certificate Galvanized 5,500 20"Wx48"L 2-7/8"-7-3/4" 182
PM5-2748-S-G icon_approvaldrawings.jpgCompliance Certificate Galvanized 5,500 27"Wx48"L 2-7/8"-7-3/4" 197
PM5-2748-S-G-6PKG icon_approvaldrawings.jpg Galvanized 5,500 27"Wx48"L 2-7/8"-7-3/4" 1141

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