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Tenax Antislip M is a water-based anti-slip treatment for marble and limestone surfaces.

It acts quickly and performs a synergistic action between acid components and microsilicas, making the treated material non-slip. Pre-mixed and easy-to-use.


In some cases, the treated surface may lose its gloss so always test on a small, hidden area first as it is an irreversible treatment.
Make sure the surface to be treated is dry, clean, and free of dust. Apply product using a cloth or brush. Let the product sit from 1-5* minutes and then rinse thoroughly with clean water. If necessary, repeat the application. This is a permanent treatment and may reduce the gloss.

*Each marble reacts differently and the finish of the surface being treated may affect the timing. For example, a shiny surface may require a shorter contact time.

Coverage: 1 Liter will cover 10-15 square meters.

Shelf Life:

Keep away from heat, humidity, and sun. The product will last at least 2 years in normal conditions, below 86°.


Please read the safety data sheet before using it.

Tenax Antislip M 1 Ltr - TDS Report