Boasting a remarkable 750-pound weight capacity, you can overcome uneven terrain and unfinished driveways; conquer curbs and stairs; glide over lawns, dirt, and gravel with the Terra Trek™ Glass Cart.

  • Easily and safely transports heavy glass
  • Reduces strain and risk of injury
  • All-terrain glass cart conquers stairs, curbs, and unfinished driveways
  • Adjustable width, clamp vise jaws for precise control
  • Retractable foam handle for comfortable transport
  • Steady Strap™ with Stop Blocks included for added security when transporting tall panels
  • 750 lb capacity, weighs less than 50 lb
  • 8” non-marking, flat-free, shock-absorbing tires

The Terra Trek™ Glass Cart revolutionizes glass material handling, reduces worker strain, and increases efficiency in the shop and especially at the job site. Overcome uneven terrain and unfinished driveways; conquer curbs and stairs; glide over lawns, dirt, and gravel. The cart’s high ground clearance and large flat-free tires make maneuvering through challenging job sites a breeze. The clamp vise jaws quickly slide out at the touch of a button and also move independently, thus allowing the center of mass of the load to be safely balanced between the wheels. The tightening knobs secure glass panels as thin as 1/4 inch or pre-framed glass up to 9.5 inches wide. A retractable handle makes moving the unloaded cart back to the truck simple and comfortable. Included with the cart is the Steady Strap™ with Stop Blocks for keeping taller loads more stable while traversing rough terrain or going upstairs. The Terra Trek™ Glass Cart, with its 750-pound capacity, is miles ahead of the flimsy skate glass dollies of yesterday.

Product Name Terra Trek™ Glass Cart
Patent Applicable Patents
Part # TTGC-23
Includes One glass cart, one strap, and one strap stop block set
Product Dimensions 40” x 22” x 15.5”
Product Weight 48.2 lb cart, 2.3 lb strap with stop blocks
Package Dimensions 34.5” x 23.5” x 10”
Shipping Weight 57 lb
Load Capacity 750 lb (340 kg)
Clamping Range 0.13" - 9.85" (3.3mm - 250mm)
Materials Square tube aluminum framework; brushed aluminum uprights; hard rubber padding strips; stainless steel and zinc plated steel hardware; 8” closed-cell polyurethane tires (flat-free and non-marking); EPDM closed-cell foam rubber grips.

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