3″ Stroke 4-Bolt Chipping Hammer with round bushing.  The tool also comes with a TX-4HW (Hose Whip with Lubricator), a 1291-TPT2 Deluxe Quick Change Retainer, one 1182 – 12″ Moil Point and one 1108 – 12″ Flat Chisel. 

 These additional items, if purchased separately, would cost approximately $170.00   No other manufacturers include all these items with their tools.  However, they charge a similar price as our tool.

Our 4-Bolt Chipping Hammers, our Lubricators that come with the Hose Whips, the Deluxe Quick Change Retainers and the Chisels are all made in the USA.  Get more value in your purchase. Check the competitors and see who offers the best deal.  We are confident in the quality, reliability and value of our products.


  • Weight = 19 lbs.
  • Length = 15-1/2″
  • Air Consumed = 34 CFM
  • Bore = 1-1/8″
  • Stroke = 3″
  • BPM = 1650
  • Minimum Hose Size = 1/2″



Service & Operations Manual