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Ultimate Brick/Paver Tools Package Sale

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$5,605.00 - $5,605.00
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Ultimate Package for moving, cutting, and sealing bricks and pavers including: Brick Saw, Premium Diamond Blades, Tess Paver Mover, and Dry Treat Sealer

MK-2007K Gas Engine Brick Saw with cutting length up to 20 inches

The MK-2007 Gas Series of masonry saws have been designed for high-production cutting. The pull-down handle on the cutting head prevents operator fatigue and increases visibility during all cutting operations. Jig-welded, reinforced steel construction, combined with sturdy die cast aluminum uprights, provide positive alignment. Specially located forklift brackets under the frame provide lifting control points for ease of transportation. One-year limited warranty.

MK-2007 Series Features:

  • 14" blade capability and 5" depth of cut
  • Convenient ON/OFF switch for operator safety
  • Cast-aluminum structural components & jig-welded steel frame assembly
  • Stay-level blade guard provides maximum depth of cut at any head height
  • Drop down blade shaft is built with sealed, permanently lubricated, heavy-duty bearings
  • Open-back design allows for material up to 16" long to be cut
  • Recoil spring return cutting head for easy plunge cutting
  • Cast aluminum blade guard with stainless steel water tubes that will not bend or rust
  • Adjustable water supply for maximum blade protection
  • Fork lift brackets for ease of transportation
  • Includes rip guide, Centrifugal Water Pump and 14" diamond blade
  • One-year limited warranty

Engine Kohler (Gas)
Power CH270
Motor RPM 3,600
Blade RPM 2,550
L x W x H 42" x 24" x 39"
Weight 171lbs
Part # 167999

Retail - $3,058

Supreme Brick/Paver Blade designed for cutting brick, pavers, block and concrete pavers - 14" (10 Pack)

The Brick Blade is used for cutting brick, pavers, block, and concrete pavers. The paver blade or paver cutter easily go through several hard materails. Our brick cutting tools are made in Korea, with premium diamonds to ensure fast diamond cutting.


  • Application: Hard Material, Hard Paver Brick, Refractory, Firebirck
  • Equipment: High Speed Saw, Table Saw, Low HP Walk Behind
  • Slanted U slot


Part Number Description Seg. Height
SMX10VET1412B2 14 x .125 x 20MM 10MM(.394")
SMX10VET1812E2 18 x .125 x 20MM 10MM(.394")
SMX10VET2012E2 20 x .125 x 20MM 10MM(.394")

Retail $144 x 10 = 1,4440

Saw Blade for Hard Material - Supreme 4.5"

  • DRY / WET
  • Application : Hard Concrete, Reinforced Concrete, Hard Paver Brick
  • Equipment : Angle Grinder, Circular Saw
  • Key slot
  • Available Size: 4", 4.5", 5", 6", 7", 8", 10"

Retail - $18 x 10 = $180

Paver Sealer for providing deeper color enhancement and superior stain protection! Great for driveways and patios

PAVER-FINISHA is the replacement for traditional acrylic, epoxy and urethane coatings. The advanced sealing technology provides deeper color enhancement and superior stain protection for highly porous pavers.

Typical Applications:

Paver-Finisha is suitable for highly porous surfaces, including concrete pavers, masonry and grout. Use indoors/outdoors on floors, driveways, garages, paths, patios, car parks, pool decks, walls, facades, entertaining areas.

Benefits of Paver Sealer:

  • Premium color enrichment and protection against staining and efflorescence
  • Not a topical coating - Used in place of traditional acrylic, urethane and epoxy coatings - no cracking and peeling
  • Strengthens polymeric sand and makes it water repellent
  • More than 96% reduction in 24 hour water uptake
  • UV stable - lasts up to 10 years, then recoat - no stripping required

Retail - $432

TESSPAVER 120T Slab Lifter (formerly known as Tromp EasyLift) designed to easily lift, transport, and lay paver slabs and stones

Our unique design allows to picked up slabs simultaneously, transport to the required location and seamless lay the individual slabs in succession. It's innovative Dutch design and quality Dutch construction means it's well-made and indestructible.

Makes picking up, transporting, and laying down slabs simple and easy. The TESSPAVER 120T is indispensable for every Hardscape Professional. Do more in a day's work, less physical stress!!


  • Paving slab lifting tool
  • Range 30cm to 120cm with 2 ½ cm increments
  • Max. load capacity 150kg
  • Multifunctional Options
  • Pick up a stack of tiles
  • Transport effortlessly
  • Seamlessly lay tiles

Retail - $995