Provide the extra support needed to lift long or large objects with a fork truck. All model are designed of a welded steel construction.

Models with prefix FE-4, FE-5 and FE-6 have cast steel tips, while models with prefix FE-7 and FE-8 have a tapered cut front end. Steel retaining strap (loop style*) prevents fork extensions from sliding off forks during use. Baked-in powder coat finish for added toughness. OSHA regulations require that extensions are no more than 150% of the existing fork length. (e.g. 48" existing forks, the fork extension should not exceed 72"). Maximum uniform capacity is 4,000 pounds evenly distributed per pair.


Standard Loop Style: Insert loop at the tip of the fork and slide it up at a 45 degree angle then lay it down over the existing fork.

Pin Style (suffix P): Remove pin and lay extension over fork or drive fork truck into the extension. Re-insert the pin behind the heel of the fork to secure extension.

To be used with class 2 and class 3 forks only.