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Rail Saw RS1

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Rail Saw RS1

Stone Rail Saw for portable cutting of granite and stone

The RS1 is a stone rail saw from Abaco Machines. The wet rail saw is used for cutting granite and stone. The stone or granite rail saw is a great portable saw. Good for many shops and installers.

  • Blade dimensions are 300 mm or 350 mm.
  • cutting length capacity is up to 133 7/8 inches (3400 mm)
  • Easy to move on rail with roller system.
  • Superior clamp system for increase accuracy.
  • Water cooling system prevents damage to the blade and materials.
  • Automatic overload power shut down



In (mm)


In (mm)


In (mm)

Net Weight

lbs (kg)


101 3/4( (2584)

27 3/(695)

 32 3/(823)

 229 (104)


Motor Parameters USA International Cutting parameters Unit
Power Consumption 2.0 kW 2.2 kW Blade Diameters
11 13/16'' - 13 3/4''
(300 - 350mm)
Voltage 220 V 240 V Cutting Depth 1 9/16''
Frequency 60 Hz 50 Hz Cutting Length (1 rails) 66 15/16''
Speed 3400 rpm 2800 rpm Cutting Length (2 rails) 145 11/16''
Phase 1 1    
Water Pump    
Power 110V/50W  220V/50W