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RIOD GBS100 Bridge Saw

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Riod GBS 100 Bridge Saw For Cutting Slabs of Granite and Stone

  • Robust and sturdy design!
  • Vibration-free performance!
  • Straight, smooth, & precise cutting!

RIOD Engineering is experienced builder of stone, metal cutting and profile grinding machinery. GBS Series Bridge Marble and Granite Saw is our best product yet!
Stone cutting business is getting more competitive every year. Our equipment will ensure your shop stays ahead of competition by providing increased productivity, efficiency, and profitability!


Marble Bridge Saw Details

GBS-100 is a medium duty machine designed and built with customer in mind.
  • Slick blade motor for 12"-18" blades 
  • Double railed bridge. Carriage with wheels on the rails and at the bottom of bridge 
  • Solid hexagon side rails 
  • PLC controlled axis motion 
  • Easy blade motor positioning for 0, 45, 90 degrees 
  • Easy blade motor up/down position adjustment 
  • Can be easily upgraded to include automation 
  • Virtually maintenance free 

Cutting Slabs made Easy

Each machine is tested and adjusted in our show room, so the installation is easy and affordable
Price for Basic model starts at $24,950.00!!!
Basic Model Specifications
Dimensions: L=15', W=15', H=9'
Cut length: 132"
Cutting speed: up to 100in/min
Power: 240VAC, 40A, 3ph
Arbor motor: 10hp., 240VAC, 3ph.
Axis motors: Three motors, 1/2hp DC, variable speed
Axis motion speed: X and Y (along the table) 150in/min max.
Z (up/down) 12in/min.
Blade size: 12"-16"
Arbor: All standard sizes supported
Blade Tilt positions: 45 and 90 degrees
Turn Table: Non tilt, manual rotation/lock
Fixed positions: 0, 45, 90, 270, 315 degrees
Machine Options
Laser for blade alignment: $975.00
Width preset by X axis (along table): $2100.00
Auto cut of preset number of pieces by preset width: $980.00
Remote control (With all options): $650
Table options
Hydraulic tilt: $3300
Clamp at any position: Standard
Delivery and Installation
Delivery: 3 to 4 weeks from the time of order placement
Shipping & Handling: Please contact us for more information
We also have capabilities to provide custom machines design and fabrication, repair and upgrade of your existing equipment.
Installation: $1700.00 + Travel 
Our products will help improve your bottom line