Alpha Profiler Q-Series

  • Model: PFQ061
  • Manufactured by: Alpha Tools

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Creating Recessed Drain Holes

Be the first in your field to take advantage of a new and unique product developed exclusively by Alpha Professional Tools® for creating edges for recessed drains. Introducing the Alpha® Profiler Q-Series. Designed to create a 90 degree edge to accept recessed drains. Like all other Alpha® Profilers, the Profiler Q-Series is easy to use and fits on most water-fed polishers and grinders. To use: make a template of the exact size of the drain, then place the template on top of the surface. Cut a hole slightly larger than the diameter of the Profiler with the Alpha® Trimmer Bit. Use the Profiler’s Nylon Guide to follow the edge of the hole to create the recessed base.

Creates a 90-degree edge for recessed drains


  • 1/4" size
  • 3,500 MAX rpm
  • 5/8"-11 threaded
  • 90 degree recess shape


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