Alpha Profiler RE-Series

  • Model: PIB101
  • Manufactured by: Alpha Tools

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Create a 45-degree Internal Bevel

Alpha Professional Tools® makes creating an internal bevel easy by introducing the Alpha® Profiler RE-Series. Use with a center water-feed polisher to produce a flawless 45 degree corner piece on granite, engineered stone, porcelain, marble and limestone tiles. Regardless of your skill level, the unique design of the nylon guide and rotary touchier makes a uniform beveled edge to obtain a perfect square corner with ease. The Alpha® Profiler RE-Series is unique and very cost-effective. Use this wheel to create a perfect corner piece. Polish it with Alpha® Ceramica EX for a superior professional finish.

Perfect for Corner Joints


  • 3/8" (1cm) size
  • 3,500 max rpm
  • 5/8"-11 Threaded
  • Reverse Bevel Shape


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