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Diamond profiling router bits are known by many names such as diamond router bits, stone shaping bits, and diamond profiling router bits.  Our selection of router bits include stoner router bits, granite router bits, marble router bits, and more.  Some of the shapes inculde full bullnose, demi bullnose, ogee, bevel, eased, and others.  All diamond profile wheels are not created equal, that is why at Euro Asian Blades we offer our customers different manufacture types of profile wheels with different price points, while still giving you high quality and all of the standard shapes such as V, F, E, and Z readily available in most of the standard sizes. If there is a hard to find diamond router bit shape or size, chances are that we either have it or can get it (sometimes on a special order). Be sure to also check out our line and Diamond hand profile wheels. Representing major brands like, Alpha Tools, MK Diamond, and Barranca gives us an inventory of diamond tools that is unrivaled in the diamond tool industry.

Buying new stone routers or angle grinders for your business is simple with Diamond Tool Store. We even offer a diamond tool financing program to help you afford your tools so you can pay as you earn.




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