Stone Chiselers

Diamond Tool Store carries a selection of stone edge chiselers that are engineered and manufactured to work even on tough engineered stone. There are two powering options for stone chiseling machines, pneumatic and hydraulic. For the toughest of jobs, we recommend the PitBull BigDog Hydraulic Stone Chiseler. For smaller, less demanding jobs, the Amigo Pneumatic Chiseler is also an excellent option. Financing for the PitBull BigDog Hydraulic Stone Chiseler is available. For big purchases (like a hydraulic stone chiseler) or small (like our stone router bits), Diamond Tool Store is your trusted place to buy diamond tools online.

Not sure which stone edge chiseling machine is right for you? Need advice for your next project? Contact one of our diamond tool professionals today and we can guide you in the right direction so you can get the job done right!


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