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The Diamond Tool Store offers a variety of stone routers for creating different shapes, edges, and profiles for countertops.  The Stoone Router Machine is not only a granite router but can be used on many different types of stone to create the right profile.  The routers would not be complete without the router bits.  The grantite router bits come in a variety of shapes including full bullnose, demi, ogee, and all the other options for creating granite edges.


We offer stone edge routers for all your stone profiling needs.  For counter-top fabrication and edge profiling, we carry lightweight to heavy-duty stone routers.


A new granite router doesn't have to break the bank. Diamond Tool Store is dedicated to providing first-rate tools at low prices.


Not looking for a new granite router and just need high-quality diamond router bits? Check out our selection of Amigo Standard Router Bits and Dia-Plus Premium Router Bits.


We offer some of the best stone routers in the industry.  The stone routers are used for making countertop edges on granite, stone, marble, concrete, and more.  Get your stone router and all your diamond router bits here at the Diamond Tool Store, today!


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