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RTC Rubber Mosaic Pad For Italian Tile Cutters

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RTC Rubber Mosaic Pad For Italian Tile Cutters

Cut Mosaics Quickly and Cleanly with the RTC Mosaic Pad

The RTC Rubber Mosaic Pad allows for cutting small and delicate ceramic and glass mosaic sheets with ease on a standard manual tile cutter!  Scoring and snapping tile is often the fastest and most effective method for cutting ceramic and glass tile.  However, small mosaic sheets and subway tile are difficult to hold in place and score consistently.  You also run the risk damaging delicate mosaics or glass tile on a standard tile cutters breaker tray.  The RTC Mosaic pad rectifies these issues by providing a cushioning & gripping effect that protects the tile and also keeps it in place for a consistent score.  The RTC Mosaic pad is proudly designed and manufactured in Italy!

The RTC Rubber Mosaic pad fits RTC Razor, Sigma 3 Series, and Montolit tile cutters.