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Samich Waterfire Hand Grinder

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Samich Waterfire  Hand Grinder

Samich WATERFIRE Hand Grinder

New Edge and Corners MULTI FEATURES Hand Grinder

  • The most unique worldwide, with adjustable head
  • IP 54 Water and dust proof

Hand grinder with adjustable head, for corners, edges, countertop, skirting, stairs, stairs skirting and joint chaser.

Samich WATERFIRE is the ideal machine to achieve a perfect polishing of countertop, shelves, tables and narrow areas.

It can be used as a Concrete or Marble edge grinder, as well as a stairs bush-hammer and as a joint chaser thanks to its extra accessories.

Main Features

• The only in the world with protection IP 54.

• Exceptional strength, compared to a brush motor, an asynchronous engine lasts much longer and,  since it is closed, has no problem with dust or water.

• Oversized bearings and gears compared to a traditional hand grinder.

• Possibility to fix the directionable wheels with trolley  and level, in order to avoid the wavy effect.

• Front led light in order to see the working area.

• Rotating Head for crack chaser application.

• Speed tool regulation for grinding/polishing.

• Possibility to work with or without water through the nozzle positioned in the center of the hand    grinder.


ModelLegend super
hand grinder Top
Legend super
hand grinder Top VS
Motor 750 Watt 750 Watt
Volt 220 110/220
Hertz 50 50/60
Speed Tools 1000 rpm 500-1600rpm
Tools Size 125/150 mm 125/150 mm
Dimension LxAxP cm 45x33x23 45x33x23
Weight 10 Kg 10 Kg