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SawMaster Cheetah Series Specialty Wet Tile Blades

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SawMaster Cheetah Series Specialty Wet Tile Blades

Cheetah Blades are Best Suited for Cutting Hard Materials like Porcelain and Glass

Cheetah Blades are designed to quickly cut porcelain, marble, granite and glass with a great degree of precision thanks to its slender profile and uniquely formulated diamond rim. With the addition of a noise reducing steel core, the Cheetah is also one of the quietest blades in the industry. Due to its incredible performance and ability to produce clean, chip-free cuts, the Cheetah is an excellent choice for a variety of applications.

Glazed Tile, Porcelain Tile, Granite, Marble Tile

These Cheetah blades are best suited for cutting hard materials like porcelain.


Diameter  Rim
Arbor  Item
7" 7mm   5/8" CR0780C
10" 7mm   5/8" CR1080C