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SawMaster Narrow Turbo Rim Blades - Concrete/Masonry

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SawMaster Narrow Turbo Rim Blades - Concrete/Masonry

Concrete/Masonry Narrow Turbo Rim Blades - Supreme Wet or Dry Cutting

The CT-G Series Turbo Rim Blades are ideal for concrete/masonry applications due to its abrasive-resistant bonding system, which guarantees optimal performance during the blade's lifetime. These economical blades provide fast and smooth cutting for professional results.

Concrete, Masonry, Brick & Block, Natural Stone

These blades contain the same quality and concentration of diamonds as the premium blades, but offer a higher rim for larger jobs, resulting in a lower cost per cut.


Diameter  Rim
Arbor  Item
4" 7mm   5/8"~7/8" CT0480G
4.5" 7mm   5/8"~7/8" CT4580G
7" 7mm  5/8"~DM CT0780G
8"  7mm  5/8"DM7/8" CT0880G