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SawMaster SDT-25EX Stone Saw

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SawMaster SDT-25EX Stone Saw

SawMaster SDT 25EX Stone Cutting Saw

The SDT-25EX stone saw features a 10" blade capacity and a 1-1/2 HP motor to facilitate the cutting of large, hard materials like stone, brick and porcelain tile. Spanning 55" in length, the saw is small enough to fit in conventional pickup trucks, while still being able to cut tiles up to 36" straight and 25" diagonally. This wet stone saw provides built-in support for miter cuts and excellent vertical clearance for deep plunge cuts.  The granite cutting machine is used to make wet cuts on granite and stone.  

Features of Stone Wet Saw

Blade Guard With Brushes
Brushes mounted inside the blade guard ensure that the water is properly distributed over the entire blade surface for better cooling and a longer diamond blade service life.

Rubber Matted Cutting Table
The easily removable cutting table is covered with an anti-skid rubber coating, which allows the material being cut to sit still on the table while the cutting head is pulled through it.

Compact Design
The SDT-25EX makes the perfect compromise between portability and the ability to handle large materials. Unlike larger bridge saws that may be difficult to transport, the SDT-25EX is compact enough to fit into a conventional pickup truck.

The saw includes a set of sturdy slide-in-legs that allow the saw to be easily set up at the job site.

Miter Cutting Capability
The saw can perform miter cuts easily by pivoting the rail 45°, which negates the need for additional tools.

Plunge Cutting Capability
The cutting head offers a large vertical clearance that not only makes it capable of cutting at various depths, but it also allows the operator to perform deep plunge cuts with ease.

Rear & Side Splash Guards
Splash guards reduce water spray to prevent the loss of water cooling during operation and to keep the work site clean.


Saw Type Stone
Motor 115 V/60 Hz
Horsepower 1-1/2 HP
Blade Capacity 10"
Blade Arbor 5/8"
RPM 3450
Weight 112 lb
Cutting Depth 2-5/8"
Rip Cutting 36"
Diagnal Cutting 25" x 25"
Thermal Protection Equipped















Recommend Using...

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