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SawMaster SDT-35XL Stone Saw

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SawMaster SDT-35XL Stone Saw

SawMaster SDT 35XL Stone Saw for straight and diagonal cuts up to 56 inches in length

The Sawmaster SDT-35XL builds upon the SDT-35 platform featuring the powerful electric 2-1/2 HP motor and 14" blade, but with an expanded capacity. The improved platform permits diagonal cuts to 56" and 39" depending on the direction of the cut. Stone workers love this saw's ability to perform deep plunge cuts (up to the maximum cutting depth of 4 1/4 inches) with built-in support for miter cuts. At the Diamond Tool Store, you can buy stone saws with confidence. Be sure to also check out our selection of blades to go with the SawMaster SDT-35LX.



Powerful 2-1/2 HP Motor

Sawmaster is sticking to the successful 2-1/2 HP model direct drive motor from the SDT-35 model that proved to be so popular. The water resistant motor cuts through even the hardest and thickest of stone slabs with enough torque to spare.

Carrying Handles

The carrying handles mounted on the corners of this saw make it a breeze to transport from your shop to your jobsite or to move the SDT-35XL from jobsite to jobsite.

Advanced Water Pump

The water pump pulls water from a hanging 20-liter reservoir and delivers it directly to the diamond blade. The 20-liter bucket collects filtered water, preventing damage to the water pump from any cutting debris. It also doubles as a convenient means for replenishing the water supply.

Rubber Matted Cutting Table

Keeping your workpiece secure is much easier with the removable cutting table that is covered in a rubberized anti-skid coating. This allows you to work on the material with the saw without any slipping which can potentially damage the workpiece or the saw itself.

Carriage-Rail System

The cutting head sits on a carriage that travels along a steel rail for the entire length of the saw. This arrangement maximizes its cutting capacity while providing a large cutting surface. When desired, the rail can be tilted 45° for miter cutting.

Thermal Overload Protection

Automatic thermal overload protection prevents the motor from overheating and protects the saw from power surges.

Water Drainage

A drainage pipe at the rear end of the saw filters the debris from the water produced during cutting operation. Debri settles in the water tray while the water is allowed to pass through the pipe and into the water bucket, where fresh and filtered water reside.


Saw Type Stone
Motor 115 V/60 Hz
Horsepower 2-1/2 HP
Blade Capacity 12"-14"
Blade Arbor 1"
RPM 3450
Weight 248 lb
Cutting Depth 4-1/4"
Rip Cutting 56"
Diagnal Cutting 39" x 39"
Thermal Protection Equipped














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