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SawMaster SDT-45 Masonry Saw

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SawMaster SDT-45 Masonry Saw

SawMaster SDT-45 Masonry Saw

The SDT-45 bridge saw is designed to handle large masonry jobs that require unobstructed lateral clearance and extended cutting lengths. This model sports an incredible 16" blade capacity for a maximum cutting depth of 5-1/4" and a powerful 2-1/2 HP motor that generates enough torque to quickly cut materials along its entire 33" cutting length. With so much potential, the SDT-45 is truly a versatile saw that is suitable for a wide range of applications.



Transportation Convenience
Carrying handles mounted on the corners make it easy to quickly relocate the saw to other job sites.

Reinforced Miter Cutting Capabilitye
The saw can perform miter cuts easily by pivoting the rail 45°, which negates the need for additional tools. Due to the saw's weight and large dimensions, additional reinforcing posts are used to provide added stability during cutting operations.

Plunge Cutting Capability
The cutting head offers a large vertical clearance that not only makes it capable of cutting at various depths, but it also allows the operator to perform deep plunge cuts with ease.

Adjustable Cutting Height
The cutting head is fixed to the bridge carriage by a swiveling joint, allowing the operator to easily adjust the height. In addition, a spring counterbalance is provided to ensure height adjustments are made with minimal effort.

Guide Rail
A stainless steel rail guides the carriage along the full length of the saw. The rail is engineered to provide maximum durability and stability for precision cuts under the most demanding job conditions.

Water Cooling System

The stainless-steel water tray is designed for easy cleaning and to protect the water pump (located in the provided bucket) from being damaged by abrasive debris, which settles in the tray. The drainage pipe ensures that only water flows into the water bucket. By adding fresh water to maintain the water level, the cooling system provides sufficient water flow to cool down and protect the diamond blade to ensure long blade life.

Rubber Matted Cutting Table
The saw is designed to rip or miter cut large blocks and stones. Its steel construction provides durability when handling these large materials, while the rubber mat grips the material and absorbs vibrations for precision, chip-free cutting.

Water Bucket
The provided water bucket is a vital component of the saw's cooling system. It contains debris-free water to prevent the water pump residing within from being damaged. In addition, the bucket makes it easier to refill the water supply in remote job locations.

Rear & Side Splash Guards
Splash guards reduce water spray to prevent the loss of water cooling during operation and to keep the work site clean.

The saw includes a set of sturdy slide-in-legs that allow the saw to be easily set up at the job site.

Blade Guard
The blade guard is fastened to the cutting head by four tool-free knobs for easy blade replacements. Water pipes connected to the blade guard provide critical cooling water for wet cutting operations.

Carriage Retention Device
For transportation, the cutting head can be secured halfway along the rail by a locking mechanism. To disengage the lock, simply pull the knob and turn in either direction.

Powerful Motor
2-1/2 HP direct-drive motor delivers high torque for incredible cutting power.

Ruler Guide
The cutting table features a convenient integrated ruler to allow for accurate cuts.

Thermal Overload Protection
Automatic thermal overload protection prevents the motor from overheating and protects the saw from power surges.



Saw Type Masonry
Motor 115 V/60 Hz
Horsepower 2-1/2 HP
Blade Capacity 14"~16"
Blade Arbor 1"
RPM 3450
Weight 209 lbs
Cutting Depth 5-1/4"
Rip Cutting 33"
Diagonal Cutting 23" x 23"
Thermal Protection Equipped


Recommend Using

Blade SM1612RM1 (16" Masonry Segmented Blades)