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SawMaster Sinter Segmented Blades

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SawMaster Sinter Segmented Blades

Sinter Segmented Blades - Standard 

The SR Series Segmented Blades are cost-effective blades intended for single use or for small jobs, especially in the DIY market. The sinter manufacturing process enables the use of the entire segment, much like sinter blades for an even lower cost-per-cut.

Stone, Concrete

These blades have fair life and are the economical choice for small jobs or for occasional use.


Diameter  Width   Rim
Arbor Item 
4" 0.07" 7mm   5/8"~7/8 SR0407S
4.5" 0.07" 7mm   5/8"~7/8 SR0457S
7" 0.08" 7mm   5/8"~7/8 SR0708S