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SawMaster Wide Turbo Rim Blades - Masonry

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SawMaster Wide Turbo Rim Blades - Masonry

Masonry Wide Turbo Rim Blades - Supreme Wet or Dry Cutting

The TB-G Series Masonry Wide Turbo Rim Blades utilize a medium-hard bonding system with high grade diamonds for fast, dry cutting of natural stone and other hard materials.

Natural Stone, Building Materials, Concrete, Masonry

These blades contain the same quality and concentration of diamonds as the premium blades, but offer a higher rim for larger jobs, resulting in a lower cost per cut.

When deciding which blade to buy, please keep the following in mind:
* 5/8"~7/8" arbor available upon request

Diameter  Rim
Arbor  Item
4" 7mm   5/8"~20mm* TB0480G
4.5"  8mm   5/8"~20mm* TB4580G
7" 8mm  5/8"DM7/8" TB0780G
8" 8mm  5/8"DM7/8" TB0880G
9" 8mm  5/8"~7/8" TB0980G
10"  8.5mm  5/8"~7/8" TB1080G
12" 8.5mm  1"~20mm  TB1299G
14"  8.5mm  1"~20mm  TB1499G