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SawMaster Wide Turbo Segmented Blades - Hard Material

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SawMaster Wide Turbo Segmented Blades - Hard Material

Hard Material Wide Turbo Segmented Blades - Premium Wet or Dry Cutting

The TS Series Turbo Segmented Blades are engineered to cut hard materials such as granite and cured concrete. Its unique design provides undercut protection for the diamond segments to ensure lasting performance even while cutting abrasive materials.

Granite, Cured Concrete, Stone

These blades contain higher quality diamonds at higher concentrations to allow faster and smoother cuts.

Diameter  Rim
Arbor  Item
4"  7mm  5/8"~7/8" TS0480R
4.5" 7mm  5/8"~7/8" TS4580R
5"  7mm  5/8"~7/8" TS0580R
7"  7mm  5/8"DM7/8" TS0780R
8" 7mm  5/8"DM7/8" TS0880R
12" 8.5mm   1"~20mm  TS1280R
14" 8.5mm   1"~20mm  TS1480R