Achilli AFR 300 A-ZM Automatic Bridge Saw

  • Model: AFR-300-A-ZM


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Achilli AFR 300 A-ZM Automatic Bridge Saw Granite Cutting Machine by Weha


The Achilli AFR 300 is an automatic bridge saw for cutting granite, natural stone, marble, and engineered stone.  The granite cutting machine is the ideal for cutting stones without buying a huge bridge saw.  This stone cutter machine is outstanding for repetitive production work on granite, marble, tile, and all types of natural and engineered stone.

Sturdy and compact structure (no foundations required).

  • Head travel is motorized on X-axis (longwise).
  • X-axis variable speed by inverter
  • Cutting depth is adjustable manually (vers. “TN”) or motorized (vers. “ZM”) 
  • Manual bridge tilt from 90° to 45° to carry out bevel cutting. 
  • Fixed worktable with epoxy powder painted steel slats. 
  • Available with diamond blade diameters Ø 250, 300 and 350 mm. 
  • Water tank with built-in recycling pump. MAIN ELECTRICAL PANEL: 
  • Main isolator switch • Emergency stop push-button 
  • “RESET” power-on button 
  • Main motor start/stop button 
  • Head forward and reverse variable speed controls 
  • Head forward and reverse control buttons 
  • Emergency stop push-button on head INCLUDED: 
  • Side extension table (2 pieces) 
  • Side stop (squaring bar) 
  • Set of service wrenches 10' length of cut Weighs 1120 lbs Water tank holds 68 gallons of water Main motor (special voltage) Three-phase 
  • Power 4 kW (5.5HP) • Voltage 230 V~~ 
  • Frequency 60 Hz
  • Rotation speed 3400 RPM Head feed motor Three-phase
  • Power 0.37 kW (0.5HP) • Voltage 230 V~ 
  • Frequency 50 Hz Raise and lower motor (special voltage) (Vers. “ZM”) 
  • Power 0.18 kW (0.24HP) • Voltage 230 V~ 
  • Frequency 60 Hz Water recycling pump (standard) Single-phase • Power 50 W (1/16HP) 
  • Voltage 230 V~ 
  • Frequency 50 Hz 
  • Head 2.5 m (8.2 ft) 
  • Capacity 28 l/min. (7.4 gal/min.)
  • Blade Arbor: 1" (25.4mm)


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