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Sigma Kera Thin Tile Lifter

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Sigma Kera Thin Tile Lifter

The Sigma Kera Lift is specially designed for handling large format thin tile and can be adjusted to fit different sizes and shapes of thin tile panels

The Sigma Kera-Lift is the most diverse handling system in its class available in a variety of sizes. you can achieve full support of the material in virtually and configuration needed. this allows the user to configure the too to fit the job and cut requirements. material handling is a very important factor before the physical installation on the tile, so make sure you have the tool to make the cut. 

  • Soft rubber suction cups will secure itself to most materials. 
  • can configure and adapt to diffrent material and sizes
  • adjustable rubber feet for vertical installations
  • durable with extreme versatility 


Kera Lift Thin Tile Lifter 136" Single Rail (ST1D) : 80 x 12 x 9 inch

Kera Lift Thin Tile Lifter 40 in x 40 in (ST1C) : 41 x 16 x 10 inch

Kera Lift Thin Tile Lifter 136 in x 60in (ST1A2) : 80 x 12 x 9 inch