Small Blades (4-10)

The Diamond Tool Store offers a large variety of diamond blades for stone fabrication and construction.   The diamond blades are used for cutting Granite, Marble, Quartz, Engineered Stone, Porcelain, Tile, Glass, Quartzite, Engineered Stone, Limestone, Sandstone, Concrete, Asphalt, Construction, and Fire Rescue. The diamond blades offered can be for wet or dry use.  The diamond blades or diamond cutting disc range in diameter from 4, 5, 6, 7, 9, 10 inches.  



Diamond Tool Store has some of the highest quality marble blades. Offering precision cutting, long life, and fast cutting. We offer a variety of blades to cut marble.  Some of our most popular marble blades are the electroplated blades.  The electroplated blades have diamonds not only the edge of the blade, but have side protection on the face of the blade to ensure quality cutting throughout the entire cutting process.  The blade has the ability to not only cut but slightly grind or shave due to electroplated side protection.  We also offer other name brand blades such as Alpha Libero Marble Blade and specialty blades for marble such as the Dia Plus Contour Blade. 


Diamond Tool Store has a wide selection of blades for cutting porcelain, tile, glass, and porcelain tile.  Our tile blades include names such as Alpha Tools, Zenesis, and MK Diamond. The MK Diamond Hot Dog Blade, The Alpha Vetro Blade and The Diamond Tool Store Supreme Music Slot Blade are some of the most popular ones available.  Glass Blades, Tile Blades, Porcelain Blades, Thin Turbo Blades, Tile Saw Blades, and Wet Saw Blades makes up the main selection of our small blades for porcelain, tile, and glass.  


Euro Asian Blades, the Diamond Tool Store, offers the turbo blades for cutting granite, quartzite, engineered stone, and other hard stones. The diamond blades for angle grinder have been industry tested and approved.  The granite blades or granite cutting disc come in a variety of different size diameters, segment heights, thickness, diamond concentration, bonds, and more.  Most of the granite turbo blades are made for high speed, chip free cutting.  Our name brands include Dia Plus 8" Diamond Blade for the Blue Ripper Rail Saw, Dia Plus 5" and 6" Diamond Blades, Zenesis Blade for Blue Ripper Jr, and Alpha's Turbo Blades.  Some of our specialty tools include crack chasers, contour blades, two in one cutters, and profile blades.  If you have to cut granite countertop look no further than the Diamond Tool Store we offer some of the best blades to cut granite.  



The Diamond Tool Store offers small diamond blades for cutting concrete.  The GLSW is one of the best concrete blades and is one of our most popular.  The saw blade starts at 4" and goes all the way up to 14”.  


The Shark Rescue blade has been trusted by Fire Fighters for years and can go through metal, rebar, glass, and almost any material in the speed needed to help save lives.  Small and Large Shark Blades are available.


We offer 8" diamond blades for the Blue Ripper Jr. Rail Saw.  We not only offer the Blue Ripper Rail Saw, the blade for the Blue Ripper, but we offer package deals for purchasing the products together.  We also offer a blade package for the blue ripper blades.  


The Diamond Tool Store offers different varieties of saw blades for different applications. Please refer to the saw tab for a full list of saws offered.  In addition to diamond blades we offer saws, angle grinders, backer pads, flanges, adaptors, and all other stone fabrication tools to get the job done. 



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