Small Granite Blades

The perfect diamond blades for use on hand grinder, blue ripper rail saws or any other stone cutting saw. 


These small granite blades are perfect diamond blades for your granite stone fabrication needs. Put a small granite blade on your hand grinder or any Blue Ripper Rail saw or any other stone cutting saw. All our small granite blades feature high quality diamonds and metal. Diameters of these diamond blades start from 4 inches to 18 inches. Different arbor sizes on these granite blades make them very versatile.


The Diamond Tool Store offers our customers a wide variety of the highest quality diamond blades for multi-purpose use. Each blade has been carefully manufactured with the highest diamond concentration to be as effective as possible. Qualities that you will see when you use a diamond blade from us: Chip free cutting, high diamond concentration, wet/dry use, and much more. The natures of use of our blades are specifically for cutting natural and man-made stones. We carry a variety of blades from small marble blades to large bridge saw blades.



Dia Plus Free Maxima

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