Small Marble Blades

High Quality Diamond Blades for every need. 


Try one of our saw blades made specifically for marble and other soft stones. The Diamond Tool Store offers our customers the highest quality diamond blades ideal for their every need. We have a full range of products from blades that are great for marble, porcelain, tuck point, electroplated blades and blades that are great for Omega's Blue Ripper Rail Saw.

Our small marble blades start from 4 inches and range all the way up to 12 inches. The different arbor sizes on these blades make them very versatile. Try one of these durable and powerful blades from major manufacturers such as Alpha, Exakt or our premium Dia-Plus brand! Or how about our diamond profiling blades perfect for sculpting and compatible with any regular power drill?

For further questions, please call one of our diamond tool professionals so they can help you choose the perfect blade for that flawless cut.


Dia Plus Free Maxima

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