Camie 300 General Purpose Spray Adhesive

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Camie 300 General Purpose Spray Adhesive was especially formulated to bond paper, cardboard, fabric, leather, foil, fiberglass to metal, wood, and a variety of other substrates. It is especially useful in the screen print, pool table, and sewing industries. Camie 300 is essentially colorless. It offers quick tack and produces bonds that may be temporary or permanent. 

Camie 300 General Purpose Spray Ad- hesive bonds paper, cardboard and some fabrics. For general light weight bonding on a wide variety of substrates. Perfect to use on plan-back sandpaper.

Container Size 

20 Fluid oz. Container 

Net Weight 

14 Ounces 




Mint When Wet 

Solvent System 

Hexane & Acetone Blend 


DME & Hydrocarbon Blend 

Bond Time 

15 Seconds to 2 Minutes 

Heat Resistance 

Max. Service Temperature 120 ÌŠ F 


21% +/- 2% 

Spray Pattern 



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