General KKW Extra Flowing Glue (Penetrating)

  • Model: GEN-GLUE-KKW
  • Manufactured by: General Chemical

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KKW, fruit of the experience and continuous research of GENERAL Chemical Engineering in the field of the polyester adhesives, is the solution of the problem of seal and resistance not resolvable by using the common polyester adhesives. All the laboratory tests confirm this superior capacity. Thanks to the superior quality of the resins used and to a balanced formulation, KKW combines ease of use and application quickness of the common polyester adhesives with higher seal and grip than those obtainable with the traditional polyester glues actually on the market. This is the reason why is the selected adhesive for granite and for all those smooth and low porosity materials and for all the situations where the traditional adhesives can meet difficulty. Thanks to its low shrinkage coefficient KKW is self-levelling, so it doesn’t need further applications to restore the previous stuccoing application because it doesn’t has significant loss of volume.

Technical Data

Physical State Paste (Semi-solid) Viscus Liquid (Fluid)
Color Straw, White, Black, Red, ect
Density @ 25ºC/77ºF 122gr/cm(3) (Semi-solid) 115gr/cm(3) (Fuid)
Stability 6 months
closed, original container
dry place at 15-25ºC (59-77ºF)


For the best result mix 2% to 3% of the catalyst (dibenzoyl peroxide) with the adhesive. The paste formula makes easy to measure. A homogeneous mixing will facilitate the uniform catalysis. The catalysis rate is influenced by the temperature and by the proportion/quantity of catalyst. An excess of hardener/catalyst will increase the hardening speed, but weakens the adhesive seal. Surfaces to be treated/glued must be clean and dry; porosity and light roughness of the surface favour the best adhesion.


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