Vivid Dye

  • Model: 9400-0005
  • Manufactured by: HP Spartacote

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Vivid Dye designed to work as a decorative concrete dye and sealer

SPARTACOTE® VIVID DYE™ is a highly decorative concrete dye and seal flooring application that gives your floor a variety of unique finishes. As a popular alternative to polished or acid-stained concrete, this system offers a similar look with added durability and chemical resistance.

SPARTACOTE® VIVID DYE™ is available in a high, medium or low gloss finish with optional floor traction additives to enhance slip resistance.

HP Spartacote Vivid Dye is a concrete stain or dye.  The concrete coating is available, as is all HP Spartacote products.












      ® VIVID




      Coefficient of Friction (ASTM C-1028) dry:  0.98     wet:  0.83
      Hardness (ASTM D 2240) 94
      Abrasion Resistance (ASTM D-4060 mg loss) 22-28
      Tensile Strength (ASTM D-638,D-2370 psi) 4500-5000
      Substrate Adhesion (ASTM D-4541, psi) 400-500+, concrete fracture
      Flammability (ASTM D-635) self extinguishing


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