Aardwolf Horizontal Slab Lifters

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Aardwolf Horizontal Lifters
  • For horizontal lifting of concrete and natural stone
  • Slide the grips to the width of block to be picked up, and set it down on to the block.
  • These horizontal lifters incorporate a latch that automatically releases the lifter from the load once the load has been fully lowered to the ground.
  • Could also be configured to grab objects from inside-out.
  • Jaw adjustment's easily adjustable opening width.
  • A large grip range make them suitable for wide range of lifting applications.
Model Grip Range W.L.L Net Weight
Horizontal Lifter AHL-1000  0-1070 mm/0-42.1 in 2000 kg/4409 lb 105 kg/231 lb
Horizontal Lifter AHL-1500 0-1500 mm/0-59.1 in 2000 kg/4409 lb 110 kg/243 lb
Horizontal Lifter AHL-2000 0-2000 mm/0-78.1 in 1500 kg/3307 lb 122 kg/269 lb

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