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Aardwolf Scissor Lifters

Aardwolf Scissor Lifters are manufactured to be durable, long-lasting, and not require a power source to use. The design of these granite lifters allow them to be gravity operated, as you lift, the scissor mechanism engages and clamps down on the granite slab, securing it with a rubber jaw clamp. As the slab is lowered, and pressure is removed from the scissor lift, the jaws disengage allowing you to remove it from your work piece.

Scissor lifters are perfect for many material handling applications like lifting slabs, tomb stones, barriers, curb and median walls.

All clamps protect the product with rubber contact pads for safe and easy material handling.

Clamps are gravity controlled, which automatically open when rested and close when lifted.

Aardwolf Lifters are renowned for their durability and quality of engineering. Each of the stone slab lifters we carry at Diamond Tool Store are priced to be affordable so you can get moving on your next project.

Model Grip Range W.L.L Net Weight
ASL-105  0-105mm 750 kg 21 kg
ASL-200 50-200mm 1000 kg 48.5 kg
ASL-300 150-300mm 1500 kg 48 kg

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