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StoneTech Stainless Steel Pro Cleaner

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Front View | StoneTech Stainless Steel Pro Cleaner

Cleaning Stainless Steel - One of the best cleaners for stainless steel

STONETECH® Stainless Steel Pro Cleaner safely cleans and provides a streak-free finish on stainless steel surfaces.


Features & Benefits 

• Helps resist fingerprints & grease 

• Cleans without streaking 

• Removes smudges, water spots, and oil residues

• Professional strength 


Where to Use 

Refrigerators. dishwashers, small appliances, stoves, ranges, microwaves, sinks and grills. 


Product Information

  • Product #: D14820565
  • Packaging Sizes: 24 oz Sprayer
  • Part of System: StoneTech®