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Tsunami Polishing Pads

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Front View Group - Tsunami Pads

Polishing Pads for granite, marble, and stone


The Diamond Tool Store provides our customer with one of the best selling polishing pads in the market. These wet polishing pads generate the highest levels of shine and reduce the amount of dust particles to a minimum.

We have priced these premium pads at a very competitive price so our customers are able to optimize the greatest performance. EA Premium Diamond polishing pads are available in 4”.

Please contact us at 1-800-342-3876 for pricing on 3” and 5”.


Item#SizeGritMax RPMS
EAT40050 4" 50 4000
EAT40100 4" 100 4000
EAT40200 4" 200 4000
EAT40400 4" 400 4000
EAT40800 4" 800 4000
EAT41500 4" 1500 4000
EAT43000 4" 3000 4000