Vacuum Brazed Zero Tolerance Wheel

  • Vac Brazed Front View 1" x 2" x 5/8-11
  • 3" x  2" x 5/8-11" Vacu Brazed Zer Tolerance
  • Vac Brazed Zero Tolerance 1.25" x 1.5" with shank and bearing
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 Vacuum Brazed Zero Tolerance Wheel Coarse No Bearing


The Weha Vacuum Brazed Zero Tolerance Wheel with5/8”-11 thread is excellent for shaping and dressing up granite and natural stone. 

The great advantage of using Vacuum Brazed Zero Tolerance Cutters is that they will not lose their shape, they can be used dry or wet with the center water feed holes.

Vacuum Brazed Zero Tolerance wheels offer virtually chip free stock removal. This means you can remove stone all the way to the line without the worry of blowout.

Also available  1" Weha Zero Tolerance cutter which is small in diameter, it reaches into those tight corners for very tight, smooth grinding.

Zero Tolerance wheels are much safer than using Silicon Carbide Cup wheels.

By not having a bearing on top, the Weha Vacuum Brazed Zero Tolerance wheel is the best choice for use on by hand tool or with a radial arm with no template

Max RPM: 4000

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