RIOD Countertop Fabrication Machine

  • Model: RIOD-CFM


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Pricing Starting at $14500! 

Robust and sturdy design!

Vibration-free performance!

Straight, smooth, & precise cutting!

RIOD Engineering is experienced builder of stone, metal cutting and profile grinding machinery. Countertop Fabrication Machine is new addition to our line of products.
Stone cutting business is getting more competitive every year. Our equipment will ensure your shop stays ahead of competition by providing increased productivity, efficiency, and profitability!

CFM machine enables you to perform four major processes of countertop fabrication:
  • Edge rough profiling (any shape) 
  • Holes drilling (up to 2 dia.) 
  • Sink hole cutting (any shape. Follow the line) 
  • Surface polishing (special tool required) 
Edge rough profiling
Tool: edge profiling router bits and wheels up to 4 (tool adapter required).
Prepared for processing slab max.: 100Lx30W.
Table moves 24to the left and to the right from center.
Arm Max. rich: 45 radius.
Holes drilling
Uses water through tool adapter (provided).
Drill: hollow drill bits with water cooling.
Drill bit size: up to 2.
Sink Hole cutting
Uses water through tool adapter (provided).
First you must drill the hole trough the stone.
Then replace drill bit with milling finger bit, insert the milling bit in to the drilled hole and cut along marked line.
It takes about 17-25 min to cut the sink hole.
Surface polishing
Special tool adapter required.
Tool: polishing pad Max. 5 dia.
Each machine is tested and adjusted in our show room, so the installation is easy and affordable
Basic Model Specifications
Table size:   102Lx24W
Table moves:   24to the left and to the right from center
Arm Max. rich:   45 radius
Spindle:   1/2 gas thread (female)
Spindle RPM:   6500
UP/DOWN adjustment:   4
Delivery and Installation
Delivery:   1 to 2 weeks from the time of order placement
Shipping & Handling:    Please contact us for more information
We also have capabilities to provide custom machines design and fabrication, repair and upgrade of your existing equipment.
Installation: $1700.00 + Travel 



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