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Everything You Need to Know About the Blue Ripper Rail Saw

Everything You Need to Know About the Blue Ripper Rail Saw

Everything You Need to Know About the Blue Ripper Rail Saw

The Blue Ripper Rail Saw

You might already have a table saw or a circular saw and think, "Why do I need another saw?" But once you use the Blue Ripper Saw, you'll think, "Why did I wait so long to buy this?"

  • The blade cuts next to the rail making set up a breeze.
  • The track is equipped with rubber strips to keep it from slipping, eliminating the need for clamps.
  • Dust collection system paired with a vacuum hose creates a dust trap that is actually effective, leaving you with a cleaner work area.
  • It has the speed and accuracy of much more expensive saws.
  • It makes clean, smooth cuts, cutting through stone up to 4cm thick.
  • Tracks can be connected to make extra long cuts with one pass.
  • Available in 2HP, 3HP and 5HP models.
  • The saw is light and portable, weighing only 68 - 79 pounds, depending on the model you choose.
  • It works great in smaller work areas, tight spaces.
  • All models come with a 14" blade.
  • Rails are sold separately.
  • The Blue Ripper saw is made in the USA!

5 Horsepower Water-Cooled High-Speed Model

If you are concerned about quickness, this is the model for you. It's the fastest rail saw on the market.

The water that is used to cool the blade does double duty and cools the motor as well. It is fed through custom-end caps and the motor is protected from the wet environment associated with cutting stone.

3 Horsepower Air-Cooled Model

This model has been described as the "workhorse". This one spins at 1750 RPM. Its cutting speed is 10 feet per minute. Its speed allows for the use of several different blades.

Blue Ripper JR Rail Saw

With a 4,800 RPM Makita motor, if you are in the market for a portable, efficient rail saw this is it. The Blue Ripper Jr. is ideal for 2cm thick material, with the capability to plunge cut past 4 cm. 

You Know You Want One

If we haven't convinced you that this saw is all that and more, take a look at our website. Feel free to contact us with any questions you may have about the Blue Ripper Rail Saw.


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