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Rebar Tools & Equipment

Tool and Equipment for cutting, bending, and tier rebar. 

Rebar Benders available for bending all types of rebars.  Manual Rebar Benders, Electric Rebar Benders, Portable Benders, Rebar Bending Machines, and combination Machines such a Rebar Bender Cutter.

Rebar Cutters are tools used to cut Rebar from number 1-9 bar.  We offer Rebar Cutter machines, electric, portable, hand cutters, manual, and combination Rebar Cutters/Benders.  BN Products is an industry leader when it comes to Rebar Cutters, Tool, and Equipment. 

Rebar Tiers or Rebar Tying Tools are used for tying Rebar.  The next generation rebar tying tool!  It is lightweight and has a compact and easy to hold, glove-friendly grip.