Bartell Global is comprised of people with different skills and experience that help to build a great team. Randy is one of those incredibly valuable team members who has over 30 years of experience in commercial flooring and surface preparation contracting. The skills and experience he has gained over his career has proven to be an invaluable asset.

Getting input and feedback from those using the equipment is one of the best ways we can improve and evolve accordingly, and with the release of our newest Ride-On Floor Scraper, The Terminator Infinity, we wanted to hear what Randy had to say about the operation and features of the Infinity, and what he has been hearing from others in the industry who have used the machine.


As an operator of the machine, I can talk all day about the aspects of Innovatech’s new Terminator Infinity that I really appreciate. From the AGM maintenance free all day batteries, and dual onboard charging system, to the surprisingly smooth speed control due to the graduated valves used in the Terminator design; but the thing I am most excited about, and the feature that I have received the most positive feedback on is, the three point manually adjustable jaw receiver. IMG_8379-082900-edited.jpg

This feature allows the operator to achieve a greater attack angle without sacrificing head pressure, which is so crucial for difficult removals.

With the fixed angle on our older style jaw, you must lift the machine higher to achieve the same results you will now get by simply adjusting the three-point quick angle adjustment. The old design (while still proving to being very effective and efficient) has a fixed angle jaw, which doesn’t have the same versatility.

With a fixed angle jaw, the higher you lift the machine, the less direct impact action you have, causing a “sizer effect”. This can result is the machine being less effective. Not to say that it won’t effectively remove the flooring, just that it is less efficient because of the “sizer effect”.

Secondly, when you lift the machine too high, it shifts the weight from the jaw to the rear of the machine. I have done tests and found that over 200lbs transfers from the jaw to the back of the machine when it is lifted too high in effort to get the desired attack angle on the jaw, can sometimes make it harder to keep your tooling under the material you are trying to remove. Jaw or head pressure is a critical in effective flooring removal.

Additionally, the three point manually adjustable jaw receiver has a simple, “less is more with nothing to fail” design. Other Ride-On IMG_8391-937717-edited.jpgFloor Scrapers on the market have a three-point adjustable jaw feature, but it is controlled hydraulically and not only has components that can fail but, there system is sitting right at the point where the flooring is being removed making it easily damaged- the innovation of the Terminator Infinity eliminates those potential fails and risks by using tried and true mechanical simplicity.

Let me know if you have any questions and thanks for asking for my input.

After talking with Randy, we were happy to hear that this knew three-point manually adjustable jaw receiver has proven to be a beneficial addition to the new Terminator Infinity, along with the other innovative design features.

Getting input and feedback from those using and operating the equipment is one of the best ways we can improve and evolve accordingly to better serve our customers and meet the continuously changing market needs. One of our main goals is to create equipment to make your job easier, so if you have any other suggestion, comments or input about your experience with our equipment, we want to know!