Choosing the right Dust Extraction Equipment for whatever machine you’re using, or having the appropriate ones available when renting out various pieces of surface preparation equipment is incredibly important. Other than the fact that you need the two pieces to fit together accordingly, there are a few other key reasons you don’t want to overlook.


I’m sure you hear this all the time, but yes… Health and Safety are the first two most important reasons for having the appropriate Dust Extraction Equipment to pair with your machine. For some reason a lot of people get annoyed by following health and safety guidelines, but let’s be realistic, they are there to protect us from serious injury and even death.

Using certified Dust Extraction Systems that are preferably fitted with a HEPA filter will ensure that you’re covered under the new OSHA regulations, as well as any other health and safety regulations throughout the world. This will make sure that the dust and debris you’re making while working is being sucked up efficiently and removed from the air you’re breathing in. This will protect you from serious health issues like silicosis, other lung diseases and cancer. If you can’t afford to buy dust extraction equipment, just rent one. Most rental houses are starting to make sure they have the appropriate pieces to accompany what you need for your job and the surface prep equipment you’re using.

If you are a rental house and aren’t already doing so, you might want to invest in Dust Extraction Equipment that is relevant to the equipment you already have, as well as relevant to your target market. With the health and safety guidelines cracking down, workers and jobsites are required to have the appropriate safety equipment, including Dust Extraction Equipment. If you don’t carry it along with the other equipment you’re renting them, your customers will start looking elsewhere. Furthermore, I’m sure you would hate to have contributed to a customer’s health problems because you didn’t have properly certified dust extraction equipment. We highly suggest investing in equipment that are already fitted with certified HEPA filters, that way you know for sure that your equipment complies with the regulations.

Secondly, having attachable pieces of Dust Extraction Equipment will help save you time (which means you save money). – It literally cleans as you work so you don’t have to spend extensive, additional time sweeping up after you’re done. We all know that dust gets everywhere, and takes forever to clean once it’s airborne, so sweeping or low performing vacuums result in you pushing the dust and debris around more than actually cleaning it. They also prevent slipping and tripping on dust and debris while working because the dust and debris gets extracted as it’s created so it never gets in your work space.

Having a clean workspace also helps you get the right finish more evenly and efficiently. Without having dust and debris in the way, you can move effortlessly in comparison, over your work space.

Other than the Health and Safety reasons for having the appropriate Dust Extraction System, there are a few economical one as well.

Some of the particles created by sawing, grinding, blasting etc. are so small that you can breathe them in, which means they can also get into various parts of the machines you’re using, including the motor.


Firstly, getting dust in the internal parts of your equipment or motor can cause friction between moving parts, which causes additional heat. Some dust can cause fire or explosions if heated to a certain point. As a result, you’ll end up shortening the lifespan of your equipment. Even if you don’t end up with a fire or explosion, you are guaranteed increased maintenance costs and frequency.


Keep in mind different machines require different types and sizes of Dust Extraction Equipment. Depending on what you’re doing or what you’re using, you may require different CFM and Water Lift ratings, and size for maneuverability. For example, when Shot Blasting, you want a lower Water Lift rating so you don’t pull the shot out of the blasting process.

The weight of the dust and debris you’re picking up is also a contributing factor. Larger heavier chunks of debris will require a stronger vacuum.

Also, smaller tools like hand grinders need smaller more maneuverable dust extraction attachments called shrouds. While on the other hand, larger more industrial floor removal equipment will require larger more industrial Dust Extraction Systems.

When investing or renting a piece of equipment make sure to ask the appropriate questions so you get exactly what you need. It’s important to do your research so you don’t end up with Dust Extraction Equipment that doesn’t do what you need it too. You also want to make sure that you keep your tools and equipment working at top shape, as long as possible, so having the right Dust Extraction Equipment will help to protect your investment, as well as the user.

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out and we would be more than happy to have one of our products experts help you.